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My husband and I bought our first home a year ago in December. We purchased an old farm house we have been remodeling. Being a “trash-to-treasure” addict, Pinterest has been my new best friend when it comes to remodeling and decorating my home.

I found a “pin” on Pinterest for making hand-painted signs and was inspired by the blog to create my own signs to hang around my house.

I found this project to be fun because I had total control. I could use my favorite quote or saying and give the sign a rustic look or a freshly finished look. I chose to go with the rustic look for my signs because it goes with the country theme of my home.

Pinterest has not only inspired a lot of my home decor projects but has helped my trash to treasure hobby, as well. I can go to garage sales and antique shops and find things to make into treasures or create something out of things I have laying around the house. Being a trash-to-treasure hobbyist is not only fun, but rewarding, as my home will show you.



• Wood — scrap wood or new wood, depending on your preference
• Saw or sander, depending on if your wood is the size you want
• Acrylic paint, latex paint or stain (any color)
• Paint brush
• Painter’s tape
• Charcoal pencil
• Elmer’s or Sharpie paint pen
• Ball point pen
• Quote or phrase printed out on standard printing paper
• Sanding block


Once you have chosen your phrase or quote, you need to decide on a letter style or font and how large you want the words to be.

• Find a piece of scrap wood or buy a piece of wood that will have enough room to fit your wording.
• Prepare the wood to your liking. Decide whether you want an antique or stained look.
• Sand wood with a sander or sanding block until smooth. Wipe excess and dust off the wood.
• Dry brush wood with paint or stain it and let it fully dry.

Dry brushing

• Lightly dip the tip of your paint brush into your paint. Then brush onto paper towel or newspaper until little paint comes off.
• Brush your piece of wood lightly in one direction until the wood is completely covered. Repeat this step about three times or until the wood is covered to your liking.

• While the wood is drying, color the back of your lettering with your charcoal pencil.
• Once the wood is dry, position your phrase or quote on the wood with painter’s tape.
• Trace around the letters with a ball point pen. Your charcoal will transfer onto the wood. Once that is finished, remove the paper.
• Using an Elmer’s or Sharpie paint pen, trace around the letters and color them in. Let paint fully dry.
• Sand over your letters lightly with a sanding block to give them a worn look.


Articles and photographs by Jessica Carter, a graphics design artist for Stafford Media Solutions and a “trash-to-treasure” hobbyist.

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