HOME: Simple touches to invite your guests into an autumn-themed home

Sometimes, we tend to think that we need to knock down walls and get all new lighting fixtures to make a big impact in a room. It is the little touches and attention to detail, however, that can really make your home shine this autumn.

With the cooler air, having guests over means more time spent inside, which makes now a good time to add some autumn sparkle to your interior.

Setting the mood

First off, to set the mood, or rather, the smell, of autumn in the air, Greenville Candle & Bath suggests these aromas:

Having books that focus on interesting things to do in Michigan, family photos or local folklore is a great way be inviting to your guests.

• Amish Friendship Bread

• Macintosh Apple

• Hot Apple Pie

• Orange Pomander

• Caramel Apple

• Pumpkin Soufflé

• Warm Pecan Roll
What better way to welcome someone into your home than by having a welcoming smell greet your guest at the door?

Conversation starter

After you have greeted the guest and welcomed them into your sweet smelling home, it’s time to take their coat and lead them into the sitting area or living room. While you offer to get them a beverage, the guest is sure to look at your selection of coffee table reading material. Do dusty tabloids litter your table? Or does the table and books say who you are and what you want to be?

Good ideas for coffee table books are available at Robbins Book List in Greenville. Some suggestions include:

• “Post Secret Confessions on Life and God,” by Frank Warren.

• “The Art Book by Phaidon Press and Titanic – An Illustrated History,” by Don Lynch.

• “Of Woods and Water: A Photographic Journey Across Michigan,” by Ron Leonetti and Chris Jordan.

• “Picturing Hemingway’s Michigan” (Painted Turtle books), by Michael R. Federspiel.
These books will be sure to leave both yourself and your guest thinking. Also, coffee table books are a great way to make conversation in awkward social situations. Simply flip open a book and share.

Putting the ‘rest’ in restrooms

Add these products, which you can find at local stores like Greenville Candle & Bath, to your bathroom to give your guest a secluded experience all their own.

Another fun thing to do is turn your bathroom into a total spa experience. Why not give yourself or your guests a special treat? What better way to relax as the crisp air blows outside then to enjoy a little pampering, for you and your guests?

Add these to your bathroom to give your guest a secluded experience all their own:

• Candle warmers

• Miniature fountains

• Loose teas, bath teas, tea pots, cups and saucers

• Victorian rose soap

• Red currant

• Thyme bath salts

Make your guest room personable

After your guests have settled in and enjoyed some relaxation, a good way to make them feel at home is tell them more about your interests, your town and family by including reading material in the guest room.

Having books that focus on interesting things to do in Michigan, family photo albums, local folklore and even a few Michigan-centered children’s books can be a great welcoming idea.

Coffee table books are good fillers for awkward silences or a way to keep a guest occupied while you get refreshments and snacks.

Other ideas include:

• Issue of a local newspaper

• Bouquet of flowers

• Relaxing music CDs and radio by the bed

Much of these items can be found at your local businesses. Fall presents a time of wonderful scents and colors for your home. Take advantage of them and give your guests a great autumn experience.

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