PLAY REVIEW: Bottom’s Dream Theater presents ‘Popper’

Steve Osbun (Stury Delve), Vicki Knapp (Phoebe Bradford), Lindsay Tallian (Nadine Bradford) and Amanda Horner (Elma Bradford) perform a scene from “Popper.” — Courtesy photo

Popper has recently passed on and the three daughters that he kept secluded from the world are now forced into a very difficult situation that threatens to drive a wedge between them.

If they want to cash in on their father’s $1 million estate, they must first comply with his final wish as stipulated in his will: One of them must have a baby within a year of his death.

Eldest daughter, Elma (Amanda Horner), strongly believes that she and her sisters should go on as before and have nothing to do with the money, but younger sister, Nadine (Lindsay Tallian), will do anything to finally be out from under her father’s restrictive control. Without a clue as to how she should go about fulfilling the demands of the will, she plunges blindly after the first man she encounters; Stury Delve (Steve Osbun), the man who delivers the ice to their isolated refuge. The results are both hilarious and surprising.

A fun environment helps the cast work seamlessly together. You can tell that they are really enjoying themselves up on the stage and their enjoyment is contagious.

If you are looking for a fun night out this weekend, “Popper” is pure entertainment.

There is some mature language that may not be suitable for younger audiences, but it is in no way offensive.

Performances are at 8 p.m. today and Saturday and at 2 p.m. Sunday at Montcalm Community College’s Barn Theater in Sidney. Tickets are $5 at the door.

“Popper” directors Kent Schuster and Christine Kubec had their work cut out for them, putting together this perfect cast.

Lindsay Tallian stepped into the role of Nadine less than a week ago due to unforeseen circumstances; however, even in that short time she has managed to bring out the character’s sassy but impetuous personality.

Steve Osbun plays the unsuspecting new acquaintance effortlessly. His facial expressions alone will have you chuckling throughout the show, especially when assailed with the naïve affections of middle sister, Phoebe, played by Vicki Knapp.

When asked why they chose to direct this show, Christine stated, “It was such an amusing script and the small stage of Bottom’s Dream Theater is perfect for smaller, fun-filled comedies, as well as the edgier dramas.”

“Bottom’s Dream Theater  is a great learning tool,” Schuster said. “The more intimate environment is perfect for people new to theater, as well as encouraging actors to grow and take on larger roles. You are with friends, having fun doing something we all love.”

 Whitney Codling reviews plays for Bottom’s Dream Theater.

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