Halloween decorating: Greenville’s Lexi Rewa prepares for her favorite holiday

Lexi Rewa’s “Anna Rexic” skeleton with her homemade headstone made out of pizza boxes.

In the last 10 years, Halloween has become the second-most popular holiday for retail sales. Families are doing more than purchasing costumes and candy for the October holiday.

Greenville resident Lexi Rewa, 20, is a perfect example of this trend.

Rewa, a working student, sometimes starts prepping for her Halloween theme in June. Her extensive decorating started between four and five years ago, after she purchased a Blunky skeleton from Goodwill. A Blunky skeleton is a life-sized, hollow plastic, adult skeleton.

“What got me started was going to the store and not seeing any interesting decorations and then finding my skeleton and a cheap wedding dress at Goodwill,” Rewa said.

Since then, Rewa has dubbed the skeleton “Anna Rexic,” the mainstay of her decorating. Each year, Rewa changes the dress on the skeleton and then builds headstones from pizza boxes she accumulates. All of her creativity and hard work has received limited viewing in the past due to the Rewa Family living off the beaten path. However, each year, Rewa’s younger brother has a party and her creations fill the yard.

Rewa’s father has suggested that she make signs to indicate where the public can view her Halloween display but she has yet to do so. Her display even garnered her prizes one year.

Rewa explained the process of creating her headstones with paint, pizza boxes and tape. While making the headstones is not labor intensive, Rewa admits she does have to be careful using a scalpel to cut out the shapes.

The first year of Rewa’s Halloween display involved “Anna Rexic” dressed in her wedding dress in the center of corn stalks that had been the result of a garden that never came to fruition. One simple spotlight shined on the figure, and since then, the designs have become more involved and elaborate, including Christmas lights in certain shades that were purchased on clearance.

This year, Rewa is changing things a bit.

“I invested in a bunch of mason jars and several small, flicker candles to change the way I light the scene,” Rewa said.
Though there have not been many passersby in the past, it is Rewa’s hope that she might have some viewers this year.
Those who are interested in seeing her creations can visit 3590 Chickadee Drive, which is off Holiday Drive, near Sidney Road, west of M-91.



• Two pizza boxes

• Scissors or scalpel

• Black and white paint

• Tape

• Christmas lights (if you’d like a more special effect)


• Tape two boxes together and then cut what will be the top of the tombstone into either a semi-circle for a rounded top or a swirl like configuration to create the appearance of scroll work.

• Combine black and white paint in a bowl, but do not completely mix the two so it creates an aged and weathered appearance for the tombstone.

• Because Rewa likes to mimic headstones from the 1890s, she keeps the cut out of the design simple, but paints ornate patterns on them and always uses names that are puns.

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