Fitness Move: Tricep dips


Many women would often like to firm up their triceps but may not know where to start. Tricep dips are a way to tone and do not require free weights or expensive gym equipment. Demonstrating a couple of methods of tricep dips is Mary Fitzner. Those she is demonstrating this move on a weight bench, these can be performed with the use of a sturdy piece of furniture that will not move while doing the exercise.


The photo first shows Fitzner demonstrating the move with her hands placed on a weight bench, legs outstretched at an angle and then slowly lowering her body weight until arms are bent at the elbow. The body is lifted until arms are again extended. Legs remain straight while lowering and raising.




An alternative is incorporating an exercise ball. Fitzner places her feet on the ball with her legs outstretched and placesher hands on the weight bench. The body is again lowered and raised while legs remain straight.

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