REVIEW: Alex Cross (adult book)

Not many authors can cross genres as smoothly and still captivate an audience with his engrossing story lines as James Patterson does. This was my first book in the Alex Cross series.

I decided to read it solely because there was a movie coming out based on this particular novel. Alex Cross (formerly published as Cross) was the 12th in its series.  There were two previous movies based on the series — “Kiss the Girls” (1997) and “Along Came a Spider” (2001).

Patterson starts by outlining the series of events that led up to the tragic murder of Alex Cross’ pregnant wife nearly a decade before, setting the tone for readers who may not be familiar with the characters in this storyline. From page one, this novel was fast paced and action packed.

After switching careers from FBI agent to psychologist and enjoying more family time, Alex begins to feel settled. Then there is a break in his wife’s unsolved murder case with all clues leading to a psychopathic serial rapist, skilled hit man and gruesome killer named Michael Sullivan, known as “The Butcher.”

This is certainly a page-turner. Patterson really engrossed himself into his characters in this one. I can’t wait to watch the movie!

There have been five sequels published since the original publish date of Cross (2006). The newest book, “Alex Cross Run,” is scheduled to be released Feb. 18.


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