REVIEW: Out of the Whirlwind (adult book)

“Out of the Whirlwind,” by Stanton author Pamela Bush, is the first of a series of novels beginning with central characters Hope Montgomery and Pierce Matthews.

Hope Montgomery is a banker living in East Grand Rapids with her husband, Dean. The young couple is living a comfortable life and expecting their first child when tragedy strikes. Suffering through one loss after another, Hope’s faith is tested while she learns to forgive and move forward.

Pierce Matthews’ life is more than he could ever hope until a fateful day when he loses his beloved wife, Vicky. With the loss of his wife and the birth of his daughter overwhelming him, Pierce, too, fails to understand how a loving God could leave him so heartbroken. Eventually, the lives of Hope and Pierce intersect when they discover they share the love of a baby girl and he grandparents.

Bush draws from her long involvement with missionary work and weaves Scripture throughout the novel. The flow is natural, the stories are heart-wrenching at times but ultimately hopeful. The characters are well developed and engaging.

As the first in a series of three novels, Bush has created a storyline and cast of characters that are worth following in her series including: “Out of the Snare” and “Out of the Mire.”


Stacie Rose, a mother of two children and an avid book reader. She is a Daily News correspondent and a customer solutions representative at Stafford Media Solutions.

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