REVIEW: Pitch Perfect (movie)

The temptation might be to assume that Universal Picture’s “Pitch Perfect” is a teenybopper movie geared toward high school-aged girls. It is PG-13, after all. The reality is that it has the right mix of it-could-happen drama, laugh-out-loud humor and head bobbing music that it actually appeals to an adult crowd — maybe a tad skewed toward females.

Bottom line is it’s a really good movie.

The story is built around Beca, played by Anna Kendrick, a loner of sorts who’s trying to find her way as a freshman at the college where her dad is a professor. In an attempt to prove to him that she really can be part of a group and stick with a commitment, she — in a roundabout way — becomes part of the all-girl acapella group, The Bellas.

While the awkward group of personalities work together to make this movie click, it’s fellow misfit freshman Fat Amy, played by Australian Rebel Wilson, who steals the show. As she explains to a couple of skinny girls who are recruiting for The Bellas, she gave herself the name  “so twigs like you don’t do it behind my back.”

If you need a reason to laugh without all the drama usually involved at the movies, Pitch Perfect is your ticket. It’s a great mother/daughter date movie, too.

Julie Stafford is the publisher of Stafford Media Solution’s The Daily News and is a mother of three.

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