TEEN BEAT: Not quite ready for the white stuff

Teen Beat | Grace Fowler

Snow. Who’s ready? Not I. Fall is my favorite season and I’m not really ready for it to be over just yet. I’m not absolutely dreading the first significant snowfall but I’m certainly not looking forward to it either. Snow days on the other hand? Bring ’em on.

I heard that a recent Saturday morning it snowed, but it didn’t stick and I wasn’t awake to see it so I’m not really counting that as the first snow. However, snow does mean that Christmas is right around the corner, which means I get to see all my cousins for a whole week. That week is one of my favorites out of the entire year and I look forward to it for months.

Snow has its pros and cons. Some cons include being so cold that you can’t feel most of your body and having delays on your route to school or work. The pros include the beauty of it and the fact that it seems to have a quieting effect on the world. Time seems to almost slow down as you watch the flakes fall.

For one week every year, my mom’s side of the family gets together for Christmas. We have been doing this every year since I was born and it means a lot to me. I don’t get to see some of my family often and this week is an important time for all of us to reconnect.

There are some traditions that I can’t imagine this week without. These include things like our cookie decorating party, church on Christmas Eve and staying up late every night watching movies with my cousins.

Family time is especially important to me because friends tend to come and go, but you are kind of stuck with your family forever. We may fight sometimes and we may not keep in touch very often, but when we get together, we have a blast. I would go to the ends of the earth for my family and I know they would do the same for me.

It’s important to make sure that the people in your life make you happy. Don’t spend time with those who don’t make you feel good about yourself. This comes in to play big time during the holiday season. You should enjoy this time of year and spend it with the ones you love. And maybe even play in the snow.

Grace Fowler is a senior at Greenville High School. She can be reached at grace@staffordmediasolutions.com.

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