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Close, but no cigar. I have heard that forever and I think it is a quote by Groucho Marx. It seems true so often in life. But sometimes, close is close enough.

I made a fancy chocolate peppermint dessert for an event this week. The recipe was on the cover of BonAppetit Magazine. I was rushed, as usual. I ended up making the filling with the glaze directions and the glaze with the filling directions. Are you already confused? I was, for sure. So the thing ended up with glaze on the inside and the filling on top. Later the friends who ate it told me to do it that way next time because it was mighty tasty. Close was close enough. Whew!

My friend, whom I won’t name, (Patti, you know it’s you), made blue cheese scalloped potatoes. They were also mighty tasty. After the meal she ‘fessed up that she had forgotten to add the blue cheese. Once, again, close was close enough. It also proves that recipes are like stop signs, just suggestions. If you would like the recipe for the potatoes or the dessert, just email me. They are fabulous, even if you “goof up” as you do them.

When you hit a baseball and it is almost a home run, no one says close is close enough. When you go for the touchdown, close is never close enough. But sometimes, thank goodness, close is close enough and in busy times like these, that can be a wonderful thing.

It is the week before Christmas and all’s in a rush. Our stockings are only half up because we ran out of ribbon to hang them. I did go buy ribbon but never got back to completing that task. How are you doing with yours?

I am in the midst of the frantic gift buying. It’s a problem because I really don’t know what to get anyone and, truth be told, they really don’t need anything. Then, again, Christmas giving isn’t based that much on need, is it?

I have finally gotten into enjoying that collection of holiday music, though it took awhile to change gears and get there. Another part of the holiday season is Christmas TV shows and some have been nice to watch. Michael Buble singing a duet with Rod Stewart sure puts me in the mood!

Although I don’t consider Barbara Walter’s most fascinating people a Christmas show, it does come on at this time of year. I am sad to see her choice for “most fascinating person of 2012” is General Petraeus and his recent sex scandal. Come on, Barbara Wa Wa, you can do better than that . . . and so can your audience. Then, again, Barbara never calls to see what I think. What do you think?

In other random things, my friend, Hilda, was in New York City last week and bought a Tee shirt that said, “Take care of our planet – it’s the only one with chocolate.” Ahhh, on that note, I recommend you stop at Koeze’s Nut House on the East Beltline near Knapp and dive into some of the “puddles” that are their award winning specialty. I got a few boxes for gifts and one for my husband . . . to give to me! Not long ago I read, “I wonder if the countries who supply our sugar, coffee and chocolate realize how easily they could take over here.” True dat.

Last week I did the prayer for a Christmas gathering. I will close with that. Perhaps you can share it with people you love over this holiday season.


You have blessed us, O God,

with the gifts of friendship
and family,

the bonding of persons

in a circle of love.

We thank you for such a blessing:

for friends and family
who love us,

who share our sorrows,

who laugh with us in celebration,

who bear our pain,

who need us as we need them,

who weep as we weep,

who hold us when words fail,

and who give us the freedom

to be ourselves.

Bless our friends and
family with health,

wholeness, life, and love.


Maureen Burns, a Greenville resident, is a professional speaker and author. Her e-mail address is maureenburns@maureenburns.com.


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