Pintrest Picks: Candy-filled turkeys

By Kelli Ameling

Daily News S.H.E. Editor


A fun, easy craft I tried for Thanksgiving turned out to one of the best crafts I ever made – thanks to the idea being “pinned” on Pintrest.


Items needed:

• M&Ms

• Mesh fabric

• Pipe cleaner

• Googley eyes

• Scissors

• Glue


For body:

1. Cut out five-inch squares from the mesh.

2. Dump M&Ms into the middle of the mesh and tie off bag with a pipe cleaner.

3. Place the bag on its side so the access mesh at the top becomes the “feathers” and the back of the turkey.

For head:

4. Take brown pipe cleaner and cut it in half. Start at one end and tightly roll it to the center creating a “head” that is about an inch in diameter. Then stick the “head” into the mesh in the front of the turkey.

5. Cut orange pipe cleaner about an inch and a half long and bend in half. Attach beak by wrapping the ends around the middle of the head.

6. Take red pipe cleaner and wrap it horizontally around the beak close to the head. Adjust it so it hangs down on the right or left side of the beak. Cut the pipe clean to the desired length.

7. Glue eyes on each side of the head.


 8. Place feet into the mesh in the front of the turkey underneath the head.


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