S.H.E.: Ab fitness


By Stacie Rose

Daily News corespondent 




Developing and strengthening the core muscles in the body is an excellent way to maintain proper form and help prevent injury.

Working in an ab routine with a healthy food and fitness program will also sculpt a sleek midsection.


An excellent move to help strengthen the core muscles is with various forms of “plank.” Part of a yoga or pilates workout, “plank” is increasingly becoming part of every active person’s arsenal.


Greenville area resident, Mandi Meier, demonstrates both “plank” and “side plank.”¬†

Form consists of getting into a standard push up, making certain to not allow the abs to droop or the rear end to push upward. This move requires a great deal of strength and as strength increases, holding this position should become progressively longer.



Adjustments for previous injury or muscle fatigue can be made to this move and still prove effective. Rather than balancing weight on one hand, both “plank” and “side plank” can be performed on the forearms. The most important component of performing this move is to hold the abdominal muscles in to maintain proper form and see maximum results.

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