S.H.E.: Holiday Party Panache

by Stacie Rose 

Daily News Correspondent


Planning a holiday party can cause stress even for an aspiring Martha Stewart. 

Linda Huckleberry

Following some of the tips offered by local business, Linda Huckleberry, who oversees party planning and catering at Huckleberry’s, can help make your holiday party fun and successful.


Must haves for any party are food and beverage. 

Menus can consist of many different types of food and drinks depending on the type of gathering and the number of people attending.

Appetizers are a popular choice for holiday get togethers and Huckleberry suggests offering both cold and hot selections.


“We do a lot of meatballs for this time of year with a cranberry- and barbecue-sauce mix, but (we) make cranberry more prominent,” Huckleberry said. “Sauteed mushrooms with a wine, garlic and butter sauce is also popular.”


Thankfully, one does not need to be a culinary genius to have delicious appetizers, Huckleberry also remarked.


“You don’t have to stress yourself out. There are lots of pre-made appetizers like little quiche, spanakopita and GFS Marketplace has cases of pre-made appetizers such as meatballs.”


In addition to offering three to four different appetizers, Huckleberry also provides beverages-both with and without alcohol. 

With many venues restricting colored punches, Huckleberry creates a punch with a two liter of ginger ale and adds either a sparkling white wine or white grape juice. This punch has become a popular selection both for its pleasant taste as well as appealing sparkling, golden hue.


Huckleberry also has different beers offered at events. 

She will typically have domestic and craft beers on hand, but said light beer is consumed far more than a regular brew. With an increase in popularity of local breweries, craft beers are being requested more often.


“We’ll bring a seasonal crafted beer and with wine – that varies when we do events – we’ll bring a red and a white,” Huckleberry said. “Right now we’ve  been bringing Moscato and for reds this time of year, we get a Michigan wine called Holly Berry – it’s white with cranberry. Chateau Chantal has a sweet and dry red wine, ‘Naughty and Nice,’ this time of year. That’s a nice, fun one,” Huckleberry added.


Along with food and beverages, Huckleberry adds little touches to make for a nice presentation. For holiday parties, she will select dinnerware in classic holiday colors and also cuts little sprigs of holly and places them around serving dishes.

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