S.H.E.: Makeup review

By Tiffany Slayton

Makeup consultant



L’Oreal Paris Infallible 24 Hour Eye Shadow

Ultra-intense eyeshadow that lasts from day until dawn. Waterproof, crease-proof, fade resistant.
My review:
I LOVE this eyeshadow. The texture is amazing. It’s a powder that goes on and holds like a cream shadow. It is truly waterproof and crease proof as it states. I even committed that cardinal-skincare sin and slept with my eye makeup on to test out the claim – it was not only still there in the morning, but it still looked good! This product definitely stands up to its claims and for a MSRP of only $7.95 at most drugstores it is definitely worth the money. A makeup must have for all those Holiday parties!

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