JUST THINKING: Not very squirrelly

Just Thinking | Julie Stafford

I would be an awful squirrel.

Frequently I have the brilliant idea to put important papers or things I don’t use every day, but need, in a “safe” spot where I won’t forget them. Kind of like squirrels do with their stash for the winter.

But almost as frequently, I forget where that spot is.

In the past seven or so months, I’ve “safely” placed a Social Security card, the binder for a committee I’m on, and our family’s guide book — complete with password — for my Charter phone/TV/Internet bundle of services. Of course, I just don’t remember where they are.

I know this happens to other folks, as well. But the thing that frustrates me is that in all of these cases, I’m positive I thought to myself, “This would be a good spot to put this item because it makes perfect sense, it’ll be the first place I look when I need it, and there’s no way I could forget.”

That should be my first clue that I’m gonna have a problem.

I remember when I was little, I’d get a dollar bill and worry that one of my brothers might take it — not that they ever did — so I’d hide them between the pages of books. But even back then, when I had more brain cells, I’d have a hard time remembering which story I’d used. I have visions of a garage saler buying one my books and thinking they’d scored when they found dollar bills pressed neatly in every chapter or so.

Several years ago, I put my checkbook in a “safe” place because I didn’t want to carry it around but didn’t want it lying out either. I tore my house apart for a week and a half looking for it until one night, as I was just dozing off, I remembered I’d tucked it in a bag in my closet.

My poor memory and distracted frame of mind have resulted in some costly mistakes through the years. The one thing I have going for me, though, is that my important stuff is still in a “safe” spot — where it likely will stay until I stumble upon it days, months, years down the road. It really is a good thing that I’m not a squirrel, though, because if I were, I would probably starve.

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