S.H.E.: Starting a healthy diet

When it comes to starting a diet, many woman will try something and it miraculously works for them. For others, starting a diet and developing a healthy lifestyle can be scary to think about, hard to do and something that takes many attempts – especially if one doesn’t know how to go about doing it.

Renee DeFrang, director of outpatient nutrition services, tells of easy ways to turn a woman’s life around by starting a diet the right way.

“I actually cringe when I hear the word ‘diet’,” DeFrang said. “Diet implies short term – a beginning and an end. A viscous cycle of going on a ‘diet’ meaning restricting ourselves from a particular type of food or drink, which results in weight loss. Then, because we are restricting ourselves from food that we enjoy eating, we splurge on that food and then feel bad that we blew out diet, which makes us eat more – emotional eating – and end up gaining back more weight then we lost in the first place.”

She recommends breaking the cycle and focus on healthy eating.

A diet, DeFrang said, should be considered successful not if a person only loses weight, but keeps it off, too.

Healthy eating means eating regularly throughout the day, she said, without skipping meals.

“It means including nutrient-rich foods – fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean protein and low-fat dairy,” DeFrang said. “It means eating mindfully…It means incorporating physical activity into your daily routing. It means being aware of what yo uare fueling your body with and how much of it you are having.”

When it comes to diving straight into a diet, DeFrang said taking time may be beneficial.

“Small Steps Big Rewards,” she said. “One step at a time so you feel accomplished and proud and want to continue to reach for your goal.”

If a goal is set too high, and is not met, a person will feel like they failed and that is not motivational, she said.

“Changing one or two small things at a time and not reverting back to old habits will end up making a big difference in the long run,” DeFrang said.

Activity is the ket to keeping off the weight, she noted.

In a place of society of convenience, people need to remember to just move.

“What you do and when you do it is not as important as that you are doing it,” she said. “We have to incorporate physical activity and better nutritional choices in order to keep the lost weight lost.”

To make something part of a person’s regular routine, she recommends doing something daily is the best.

“Once something becomes a habit you are more likely to do it so make it a habit to be physically active every day,” DeFrang said.” Something is always better than nothing.”



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