S.H.E.: To Shellac or not to Shellac

Shellac, a high-quality long-lasting UV hybrid gel manicure, is a hot trend in the professional nail-care industry. While it is not for everyone, there are certainly some advantages to the service.

Creative Nail Design unveiled this patented product after five years of testing.   The average Shellac Manicure service in the Greenville area is $28-$30 per service.


  •   Long lasting, average of three weeks
  •   Safer choice for natural nails than acrylic or standard UV gel overlay nails
  •   Professional looking and they polish to a nice shine
  •   No dry time needed, therefore  no smudged nails
  •   Several colors to choose from



  •   Only available to licensed  professionals
  •   Can be an expensive service to maintain
  •   May not adhere properly to soft, dry or brittle nails
  •   Improper removal of product may damage nails and surrounding skin
  •   If you are allergic to acetone, you will not be able to wear this product




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