JUST THINKING: That look in your eye

Just Thinking | Julie Stafford

I had a bottle of liquor in my grocery cart at the check out this week and the cashier commented that no way did I look old enough to buy alcohol. When I told her how old I was and showed her my ID to prove it, she said she couldn’t believe it.

Of course I wrote her off as just trying to make me feel good, but then one of my daughter’s friends guessed I was 32. Obviously, I proceeded to praise her and extend an open invitation to our house any time she wanted and then did my crazy raise-the-roof, hands-in-the-air, woot woot happy dance, which, of course, mortified my daughter.

Personally, I think the reason people make comments about the fact that I look the same as I did a long time ago and guess my age so low has to do with my freckles. I hated them as a kid and think I’ve mentioned before that I, in fact, tried all kinds of kooky remedies and techniques to get rid of them. Everything from scraping my skin with a spoon, which a friend assured would work if at the same time I said a string of hocus pocus magical jabberwocky that I can no longer remember.

But the cashier at the check out this week had a different take. She said she judges a person’s age by their eyes. She said I had “happy eyes,” which for me is an even bigger compliment than saying I look young because “happy” has been kind of an elusive emotion for me during the past two decades. Happily, it’s no longer a fleeting feeling that comes here or there. It’s everywhere for me.

Happy eyes. How many of us are so happy that the emotion seeps into the tiny wrinkles around and overall glint in our eyes? The checker actually said one time a man who was bald came in and was joking with her about how old he looked because he didn’t have hair. She explained to him that age to her wasn’t about hair or body shape or whether or not you have or don’t have wrinkles. It’s all about the eyes.

Surprisingly, she’s right. Start looking people in the eyes and you’ll be surprised at what you learn. Truth be told, I still do use a few hocus pocus creams to keep my freckles at bay and age spots away. But I’m focusing everything I’ve got on manifesting all kinds of “happy” throughout each day. Hopefully my eyes really do say “happily ever after.”

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