JUST THINKING: Journey down memory lane

Just Thinking | Julie Stafford

Last Saturday, I was in the midst of major déjà vu among my own kind — and loving every minute of it. By “own kind” I mean an entire arena full of folks who were generally my age and looking to soak in the sounds of our youth.

We were part of a packed house at the Journey concert at Van Andel Arena.

Physically, I was standing in section 206, row B, seat 22. But mentally, I was back in high school — slow dancing to “Open Arms” at J.R.’s Roller Castle, all googly-eyed, my arms clasped around my high school boyfriend’s neck.

Then came “Don’t Stop Believin” and I was driving with the windows down, my permed hair flying around my face, my best friend in the seat next to me, both of us belting it out word for word.

When we got to “Any Way You Want It,” I was practicing my “be cool Julie” facial expressions and “cool Julie” dance moves in front of the mirror while primping for Friday night fun.

My little “journey” down memory lane last week was a blast. I was in heaven — foot-loose and fancy-free, not worrying about whether my kids would judge my fuddy duddy dancing because, well, all the other fuddy duddies around me were dancing, too.

It’s amazing how music can so vividly take you back to a time and a place. It’s funny how much time I spent in high school wishing I was older. As an adult, for the most part, I don’t ever really find myself wishing it the other way around. I will say, though, that it certainly was fun to take that giant step back in time and remember how good — and easy — life really was.

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