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Teen Beat | Grace Fowler

Don’t you always feel like somehow the fortune from that little brown cookie knows exactly what’s going on in your life? It’s like the fortune cookie company has sent out little spies to investigate your life and report back and make a specific fortune unique to you. Somehow they are always just vague enough that you can relate it back to something happening in your life. Sometimes they provide helpful guidance, but sometimes they warn you of ominous events to come.

Horoscopes are pretty much the same thing. When you read them, you can always find some area of your life that they seem to be right about. Some people get hooked and maybe even a little obsessive. I actually collect horoscopes from the magazines I read and I have a collage of them in my room. But that doesn’t mean that I plan my life around what they tell me is going to happen that month.

I caught on to these schemes a while ago and that’s why I’m hard pressed to believe anything a piece of paper in a cookie says. I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing to believe in fortune cookies or horoscopes, and I do enjoy reading both, but I definitely don’t trust the reliability of either.

On a related note, in my abnormal psychology class, I admit that I caught myself thinking that I have every single disorder that we learn about. While I’m taking notes during the lecture I start finding little things about myself in all of them.

While learning about obsessive compulsive disorder, I convinced myself that I must have a mild form of it because there are certain things in my life that must be a certain way or else I freak out. When we were being taught about generalized anxiety disorder, I found myself relating to different bits and pieces of it.

This happens with almost everything we learn about and if I can relate myself to one of them, I’ll find a friend or family member that I think might have that particular disorder. At least I don’t go home and convince my mother I need to be taken to a psychiatrist right away, but I just store it in the little miscellaneous filing cabinet in my brain.

I’m not too worried about this because it doesn’t affect my life, and I even find it a little bit funny. I mean, there is no way I have every single disorder that we learn about. There is no way that a fortune cookie can know my life. For horoscopes, they’re cool, but they can’t be accurate 100 percent of the time. My advice is to read them, enjoy them and then move on.

 Grace Fowler is a senior at Greenville High School. She can be reached at grace@staffordmediasolutions.com.

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