March Madness: Compete in The Daily News’ Bracket Busters Challenge

By Bruce Bentley | Daily News sports editor

Can you survive Bracket Busters?

We are just a few short weeks away from the madness that is March.

For the non-basketball fan, I assume you’re thinking about snow one day, 60 degree temperatures the next day, or just the arrival of spring. Well, I’m not, because those circumstances can happen anytime during a year in Michigan, weather-wise, anyways.

What I’m talking about is the NCAA basketball tournament, commonly known as “March Madness.”

The annual four-week event can consume the minds of even the casual hoops fans. Selection Sunday (March 17) is the day we all turn into rabid, obsessed, basketball fanatics.

March Madness is as much brackets and a lack of workplace productivity as it is buzzer beaters, Cinderella teams and crowing a national champion.

It’s about office pools and bragging rights for a year between friends and coworkers. Hopes, glory — and brackets — can be touted or crushed even in the first Sunday of the tournament (March 24).

Because of this, now is the time of year I really begin to pay attention to college basketball.  Homework, if you will.

I can’t get enough “bracketology,” conference tournaments or even ESPN’s never-one-for-a-lack-of-phrases Dick Vitale. Maybe, there can be too much of the latter.

This year, though, all that “homework” could be for not.

The weekly rankings feature a new No. 1 team nearly every week. Heck, the Big Ten has a handful of teams that could be potential national champions. Could it be possible the Final Four is Big Ten-dominated? You bet, at least this year, anyway.

Beyond the Big Ten, this year’s tournament has the makings to be one of the most unpredictable on record. But that’s what makes it so fun — or maddening — depending on your mindset.

With that being said, The Daily News is here to help feed your March Madness frenzy with our Bracket Busters Challenge this March.

Keep an eye out for how you can win various prizes for your knowledge, lack of knowledge or just plain luck in this year’s tournament bracket.

We will kick the tournament off at The Winter Inn in Greenville on Selection Sunday. Yours truly, will be in attendance, not that I need much of an arm twist to be there, as CBS unveils the 68 teams that will compete for the NCAA championship.

The NCAA tournament has grown into one of the most watched and entertaining events on television. I hope to see you at The Winter Inn and then hope to see your selections in our tournament.

Remember, there is nothing to lose, only to be gained.

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