The Daily News — still keeping community first, a family legacy

Stafford Media Solutions prints publications for as many as 90 different customers throughout Michigan, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio, ranging from The Daily News to other weekly and annual products using a 24-unit Goss Printing Press. Operated by about eight employees on a daily basis, the press prints at a rate ranging from 18,000 to 24,000 copies per hour. More than 5,200 copies of The Daily News are printed per weekday, with more than 6,500 on Saturdays. The press and other post-editorial processes were moved from The Daily News office on Lafayette Street in downtown Greenville to the current facility at 1005 E. Fairplains St. in Greenville in 2006 to expand printing capabilities.


When I first started as publisher at The Daily News, I remember someone explaining the job we do as “putting out the daily miracle.”
Some days it really does seem kind of amazing how many planets have to align for us to get our paper to you on time.

Julie Stafford

Each and every day, our sole focus is to carry out three main tasks: to report relevant, accurate, interesting stories involving local people, places and happenings; to organize these stories in an easy-to-read design that helps highlight carefully crafted messaging from our local advertisers; and finally, to get it in your hands in a reasonable time frame.

This has been the job of newspapers since their beginning, really. But how each of these jobs is done has changed dramatically. To get a taste of how things have morphed just in the past 38 years, all you have to do is read Sandy Main’s farewell message on this page.

My grandfather, Dale, and father, John, set the bar high for what it means to be locally focused.

They were interested in the community, in helping businesses thrive, in celebrating positive news along with the not so great. They knew the value of local, local, local and took the opportunity to snap up neighboring publications that became available, publications like the Belding

Banner and Carson City Gazette — all in the name of making sure people were informed. While the Belding Banner is no longer a part of our name, the community remains a focus for our coverage. As does points north to Blanchard, east to Carson City, south to Orleans Township and west to Oakfield Township — and everything in between.

This section is designed to give you a little more information about who we are and what we do. While we do make mistakes sometimes and know readers get frustrated, we do a lot of things right.

We listen to our readers. We write top notch, meaningful stories about things you won’t hear anywhere else. We put a priority on helping our local businesses thrive. And we put our hearts and souls into each and every aspect of getting The Daily News and our sister publications into as many hands as possible.

Thank you for your support.

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