JUST THINKING: Thanks to our bridge … Sandy Main

Just Thinking | Julie Stafford

Some things I know for sure. Peanut butter makes me happy. The sun will come out tomorrow, even if clouds cover it. And the world will be a little askew in The Daily News newsroom on Monday.

That’s because after 38 years with The Daily News, today we help usher our cornerstone, Community Editor Sandy Main, into retirement. For us at the paper, Sandy represents stability. She comes in early, can do a number of jobs at once, takes great pride in working with readers and customers, and is steady when we’re under the gun.

If you’ve ever called in to talk about an obituary or needed to know how to place an Area Local ad or wanted to get your engagement or wedding announcement in the paper, more than likely you’ve spoken with Sandy.

Sandy has been a part of this organization — and therefore, my family — for a long time. I know my dad always felt a little better when Sandy was keeping watch over pages. I know the folks who sat in my seat since my dad’s passing felt more confident with Sandy on duty. And I know during my short time here, Sandy’s presence has given me the security that having the comfort of reliable family close by provides.

Part of that is because Sandy just has a special way. You won’t ever hear her say a snide thing about another person. She’s a quiet soul, but has a quick wit and distinctive giggle. You can count on her to tell you what she thinks — always in a polite manner. And she’s a history buff, which many of you already know because you follow her “Once Upon a Daily” and “From the Archives” columns she writes in this paper. Thankfully, Sandy is going to continue to write both of these.

Personally, Sandy has been more than patient with all my questions about how this is done or that is done. She’s always willing to help look up a factoid from the past, or explain how a certain project or task used to be done. She has given me a real and meaningful connection to what this newsroom may have been like when my dad was running the show. I consider her a bridge, of sorts, from one generation to another.

Recently, Sandy wrote about what her job was like when my dad first hired her 38 years ago and how progress in technology and layout have changed what she does. Most of it for the better.

The good news is that we have an ace in the hole ready to step into Sandy’s shoes on Monday morning. Stacie Rose has been with The Daily News for more than six years and worked in a job similar to Sandy’s when she lived out west. We’re lucky to have such talent in house.

Even though more than capable hands are filling the job of Community Editor, the Staffords and The Daily News staff are going to miss Sandy. What I know for sure is that my dad — from his place above — joins me in thanking Sandy for so many years of great work and wishes her the best of luck, relaxation and happiness as she opens the next chapter of her life.

Please join us in the lobby of The Daily News, 109 N. Lafayette, Greenville for an open house from 3 to 5 p.m. today to celebrate Sandy Main’s retirement.

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