S.H.E.: Fitness move

Back pain is often a sign of strain, weak core muscles and sitting for long periods of time.

When you have the combination of a job that requires hours of sitting in a chair in front of a computer screen along with weak core muscles and poor posture, you have the perfect storm for back issues. There are various moves that can help improve strength and decrease pain.

A common move performed in yoga that can be easily performed at home is “bridge”. Here’s how to do it: 

• Lay on your back and bend knees at a 45 degree angle, feet hip width apart.

• Place arms at your side and try to bring your heels to your fingertips.

• If this is too difficult, simply bring your heels as close as possible without causing strain.

• Once in this position, slowly raise your hips off the floor and tighten your gluteal, or butt, muscles.

• Hold this position for a count of four then slowly lower the hips back to the floor.

Start by doing this move only three times and increase both the duration of holding the position and the number of reps once this move becomes easily performed.

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