S.H.E.: Keeping the house and planet Earth green


 With increased awareness of the environment, costs and concern over skin sensitivity and allergies, people are creating their own cleaning products. Denise Moore of Greenville Candle and Bath is one of these folks. Social media websites such as Pinterest, are where many people turn to find out about making their own cleaning products, but Moore’s educational background lends itself to creating safe and inexpensive soaps and solutions. “I have a bachelor’s in biology and minor in allied health,” Moore said. “I’m a nurse and taught in the chemistry lab (at Montcalm Community College). This background definitely helps with what’s safe and what to stay away from.”

Denise Moore’s special formulated homemade laundry
soap available for purchase at Greenville Candle and Bath,
at 116 E. Washington St.

Through her work as a nurse and her personal experience with family members, Moore has become an advocate for being mindful of products that do not harm the environment. She is also a firm believer that not every cleaning product must be anti-bacterial as overuse of these products lead to more volatile, resistant strains of bacteria. Moore also cautions against the use of water in stored cleaning products as it always leads to mold growth.

Along with using environmentally friendly components in cleaning products, Moore also recycles old socks and T-shirts for use as rags.

Rather than purchasing commercially made diaper wipes, Moore suggests simply using a wet washcloth. Implementing these steps helps reduce paper products in landfills and saves money as well. In addition to avoiding water based cleaning solutions, Moore also steers clear from preservatives.

Moore formulated her own non-sudsing laundry soap and sells it at Greenville Candle and Bath. She stresses if people decide to make cleaning products, it is not time consuming. A simple and effective window cleaner is made from a few drops of vinegar in a small bottle of water. It is important to make water-based products in small quantities to prevent mildew. “I would like to see other people do the same thing, get back to the greenness of the cleaning supplies,” Moore said. “We have done so much damage to this earth. It’s up to us to prevent any further damage from occurring.”

But it’s not just about the protecting the environment, Moore said. It’s also about future generations. “Anything we can do to protect the next generation from all these chemicals is really important.”

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