TEEN BEAT: Thanks to teachers who love their jobs

Teen Beat | Grace Fowler

Anyone who has ever had any kind of schooling can tell you that it’s apparent which teachers love their jobs and those that are just plain fried. Over the course of my 15 years of school, I have had maybe five teachers that I can tell love their jobs. And because of that, I end up loving their class, no matter if I liked the subject to begin with or not.

Some of them I have also been fortunate enough to keep in touch with after I was out of their class. This goes to show they go beyond the call of duty. They care enough about some of their students that they want to see how they have progressed in their lives. Some of these teachers have also made the effort to get to know my family.

When a teacher loves what they do, it gives their students inspiration to succeed. Also, it makes it easier for the students to respect them. When a teacher shows they want to be there, it gives the students a reason to want to go to class and do well.

When I moved here from Colorado, I had just finished a semester of chemistry. My brain was frazzled. It was the only class in high school that I have ever had a B in. I wasn’t even that disappointed in myself, though, because I had never worked so hard in my life. I asked questions, came in early and stayed late and got a tutor. My cousin was a sophomore in college taking an organic chemistry class and even he couldn’t help me. Then I moved here and took another chemistry class. I fell in love. My teacher showed the steps so clearly and he was so passionate.

It made a world of difference and now I am more confident in my chemistry skills. This is one of many examples of how a teacher can completely change the class. For me, the teacher determines whether or not I enjoy the class. And sometimes it can even influence my level of motivation to do well, which can also impact the grades I get.

I also feel really fortunate to have stumbled on a great teacher at Montcalm Community College, where I take a few classes each day. I am currently in my third psychology class at the Sidney campus and it is all because of the professor. I took an Intro Psych class my first semester there and she made me fall in love with it. After that class was over, I took every possible class of hers that fit into my schedule. She tells relevant stories and she has a consistent schedule, which helps me learn more effectively. She makes me want to learn more and do well.

The point is, good teachers deserve a lot more credit than they get. If you’ve ever had a teacher who has made a difference in your life, try to get in touch with them and say thank you.

Grace Fowler is a senior at Greenville High School. She can be reached at grace@staffordmediasolutions.com.

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