Author signing new book at Robbins Saturday

Pamela Bush

GREENVILLE — Stanton author Pamela Bush will be signing copies of her latest novel, “The Fire Within,” 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday at Robbins Book List in Greenville.

Bush, normally a fiction writer, penned “The Fire Within” as her account of watching the trials and struggles her son Paul experienced. Bush was hesitant to write the novel because she did not want to relive the painful memories she of watching her son battle illness and subsequent surgeries. Through her son’s urging and the passage of time, Bush decided she would tell her son’s story but only with his involvement.

“’Son, I am willing to write your story, but you have to be actively involved with me, I will email chapters to you but you have to read them,’ I would write from my perspective as his mother, not his,” Bush said.

Bush titled her first nonfiction novel as “The Fire Within” because of Paul’s desire to become a volunteer fireman. While a dream many pursue, Paul was emaciated and internally scarred from battling Crohn’s disease, an inflammatory bowel disease. Nervous about their son’s well-being, Bush and her husband, Tom, both gave their blessing for him to follow his dream.

Paul went through a dark period in life. His Crohn’s had recurred after being in remission, he lost a job and a home. He had only been married for three months when he was struck ill. It was overcoming these difficulties that prompted Paul to ask his mom to write his story. Paul wanted others to know obstacles can be overcome.

“I really believe ‘The Fire Within’ is a powerful story about pain, suffering and it also deals with encouragement,” Bush said. “They (Paul and his wife) know how to help others through difficult times, it doesn’t have to be just about Crohn’s, it’s about adversity, that the hard times will end even if it seems they won’t.”

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