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Teen Beat | Grace Fowler

Exam exemption is a blessing that I do not intend to complain about, but I would just like to put in my two cents. This was an entirely new concept to me when I moved here from Colorado. Out there, no matter your grades or attendance, you did not have an option to get out of exams.

To tell a student they don’t have to take a final is one of the sweetest things a high schooler could hear. It means you don’t have to put hours of studying and preparation in, which is an incredible gift that should not be taken for granted.

Greenville’s exam exemption form reads, “Students with perfect attendance in a semester and a grade of C+ or better may exempt up to three final exams.” If you have one to two absences and perfect attendance, you can exempt two exams. If you have three to four absences and perfect attendance, you may exempt one final exam.

When I first heard about these exemptions, I was actually a little mad. I don’t miss school often, but when I do, I am either extremely ill or I have a very good reason. I think that having perfect or very good attendance has little reflection on what kind of a student you are. Also, having a C+ in a class does not always mean you are doing very well, depending on the material.

I think that to be able to exempt, you should also have to have a conversation with your teacher about what kind of a student you are. In my opinion, kids who go to school and have a C+ in a class, should not be allowed to skip out on the final.

I understand that exempting is a way for the school to reward students that are dedicated enough to come to school every day and it is a bribe for kids to continue to keep up good attendance. Keep in mind that some exams are required, like government and math exams, for example. And as much as I would love to not have to take my math exam, I understand that it is important to show what I have learned this semester.

I think that the experience of taking an exam will also benefit students, especially seniors. It will teach them how to start studying a few days in advance and to be able to recall things that they learned several months ago.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not a test-loving freak. But there are just some things that I feel could be done a little differently to help improve the quality of education at Greenville.

Grace Fowler is a senior at Greenville High School. She can be reached at grace@staffordmediasolutions.com.

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