GRACE’S VIEW: Psycho Michigan weather

Grace’s View | Grace Fowler

Several days ago, it felt like the world was coming to an end.

Recently, it being fall and all, the weather has begun to take a turn for the cold. I have been wearing my North Face winter coat every day and I hate having to take my hands out of my pockets for fear that they will turn into icicles.

I enjoy this weather because I like wearing layers, I like watching the leaves turn and I enjoy curling up under a blanket. However, I did not really think that snow was right around the corner.

I woke up one morning to a blizzard outside my dorm window. The flakes had piled up to maybe an inch or so and they were continuing to fall. I had to walk across campus for an early morning lecture series given by a surgeon. And I had an epiphany: Nike running shoes are not the best snow boots. Within two minutes my shoes were soaked through and my toes were numb.

Not only was I not prepared wardrobe-wise for snow, but also I was not mentally prepared. I didn’t think snow would come so soon because the leaves haven’t turned completely and many are still on the trees. I was just getting into the swing of fall.

Living in Colorado taught me to be prepared for any kind of weather — more specifically, to be prepared for the weather to completely turn within minutes. Apparently, living in Michigan proves to be very similar.

Next time I go out, I should probably bring a coat, an umbrella, a bikini and sunglasses just to make sure I have all my bases covered.

Grace Fowler is a Greenville High School graduate and a Hope College freshman. She can be reached at

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