EDITORIAL FILES: Q and A (Nov. 4-10)

Mike Taylor

Name: Mike Taylor

Title: Features writer

Coverage: Features, the villages of Lakeview and Sheridan and every author who has ever written a book and been within 100 miles of Greenville

Residence: Greenville

What was the highlight of your weekend? My band, The Guinness Brothers, played a Halloween party at a club up north. There was a girl there, dressed as a Catholic schoolgirl, who was kind of flirting with me all night. I may be in love, but it’s possible I’m just flashing back to my years at St. Isadore Elementary School. Either way, it was the highlight of my weekend.

What was your favorite game as a youth? I guess it would be kick the can. In my neighborhood, an old can was about all the sporting equipment we could afford. And while it’s not really a “game,” per se, I really like hopping freight trains with my friends down by Highland Park. There was a safety issue, sure, but we had a lot of fun and they hadn’t yet invented Nintendo, so what choice did we have, really?

In the works:
• Working on story about Lakeview author who has just released a children’s book
• Putting together piece on local pastor whose hobby is model trains
• Writing my Reality Check column, probably on something to do with Halloween costumes modeled after Catholic schoolgirl uniforms
• Writing a story on a new Italian restaurant in Lakeview called Mama Mia’s

Contact info:
(616) 548-8273
Twitter: @mike_taylor_dn


Stacie Rose

Name: Stacie Rose

Title: Community editor, features writer

Residence: Greenville

Coverage: Organizing The Daily News and Daily News Extra’s calendar events, handling obituaries and writing articles for Saturday feature sections, including S.H.E.

What was the highlight of your weekend? I am not thrilled admitting that getting my hair done and making an amazing homemade beef stew were my highlights, but such is life.

What was your favorite game as a youth?  I grew up in a wonderful neighborhood on N. State Road in Belding with lots of kids, so playing games and riding bikes was an everyday occurrence. My favorite game was Bloody Murder. Though it sounds deplorable, it involved kids from elementary to high school and it was exciting to find the perfect hiding spot and then shiver when hearing “It” shout “Bloody Murder!”

In the works:
• Party shopping savvy for SHE (Daily News, Nov. 16)
• How to get a sparkling smile for SHE
• Tone, firm and strengthen calf muscles for SHE

Contact info:
(616) 548-8269
Twitter: @mumzystacie


Elisabeth Waldon

Name: Elisabeth Waldon

Title: News editor

Coverage: Assigning and editing new stories, covering Montcalm County, courts and various other local governments.

Residence: Panhandle area

What was the highlight of your weekend? My husband and I enjoyed a night away from the girls for the first time in at least a year. We attended “Food, Wine & All That Jazz” at the Grand Rapids Public Museum on Friday night. It was a fundraiser put on by the local PBS station WGVU and featured endless samples of food, wine and beer, along with a great performance by the Steve Hilger Jazz Quintet. After the event, we spent a luxurious night at the JW Marriott, where we feasted on a decadent breakfast the next morning. It was fun to have a little vacation in Grand Rapids — and then return home to our girls the next day.

What was your favorite game as a youth? Playing fort, which took place in a variety of locations — the playhouse my father built, the big maple tree in the orchard or the thick foliage down by the pond. No matter the location, the game was always the same — find a desired spot, call it a fort and then keep other kids from getting into the fort. Sometimes it was girls vs. boys or the older kids vs. the older kids. Weapons of choice were pinecones (which stung) and cattails (which exploded into a flurry of feathers). Honorable mentions for other favorite games go to Red Rover (somebody always ended up with a bloody nose) and Capture the Flag (which called upon lots of strategy while sneaking up upon the flag and fast running when spotted).

In the works:
• Working on a preview for the upcoming Nov. 5 elections

Contact info:
(616) 548-8276
Twitter: @elisabethwaldon


Ryan Schlehuber

Name: Ryan “Scoop” Schlehuber

Title: Features editor

Coverage: Assigns stories and creates graphics layout for Daily News and Carson City Gazette’s feature sections, and layout of The Daily News Extra and independent publications like the Danish Festival booklet and Sparta Today newsletter

Residence: Greenville

What was the highlight of your weekend? Watching the Detroit Lions come back and win against the Dallas Cowboys with my girlfriend’s son, who, I think now is into football as much as he is in to baseball, thanks to that fun-watching game. And yes, I was one, I suspect, of the many Lions fans that wrote them off. Glad I didn’t turn the channel…although my finger was on the button.

What was your favorite game as a youth? One was 500, which was a game using a ball that one person would throw up in the air and the rest of the group would fight amongst themselves to catch it to gain points. The other was hide-and-go-see, which all of the neighborhood friends would play at night, hiding and running around the entire neighborhood. I’m sure not everyone who lived on that street was too thrilled with our hollering, but it was a riot every time.

In the works:
• Layout of Holiday Gift Ideas feature section (Daily News, Nov. 9)
• Catching up on a few Business Beat stories
• Working on story assignments, layout of Revved Up section (Nov. 23), which is themed “Staying safe on winter roads”
• Research on Hotel Phelps in Greenville

Contact info:
(616) 548-8279
Twitter: @scoopahloop


Curtis Wildfong

Name: Curtis Wildfong

Title: Staff writer

Coverage: Greenville area, including Eureka and Montcalm townships

Residence: Sparta

What was the highlight of your weekend? Celebrating my wife’s birthday (I’ll withhold the age) with a little dinner outing with family. It’s great living close to them again.

What was your favorite game as a youth? Flashlight tag. We would play it all the time, inside, outside, at my church’s all-nighters. It’s simple, you hide, someone with a flashlight tries to find you. Obviously, you play in the dark, and the person who is “it” has to shine the light on your face and say your name. The last person found wins.

In the works:
• A preview for the Veteran’s Day event at Fighting Falcon Museum
• Greenville city council meeting, at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday
• Bringing some life to my desk with some family photos and a little decor (right now I’m staring at a green wall)

Contact info:
(616) 548-8289
Twitter: @curtiswildfong


Darrin Clark

Name: Darrin Clark

Title: Managing editor

Coverage: Managing the editorial staff and page layout of The Daily News

Residence: Grand Rapids

What was the highlight of your weekend? First, I witnessed my girlfriend make a couple of fantastic Halloween costumes, which we donned at a large Halloween party in downtown Grand Rapids. Second, I watched my 5-year-old nephews play soccer in Rockford. Their team won 1-0 and they split time as the goalkeepers.

What was your favorite game as a youth? Up until about age 12, it was Wiffle Ball. We played hours and hours of Wiffle Ball in the backyard. We had bases, worn base paths and everything. The house was basically the fence, but it was impossible for little kids to hit it over the house, so there are never any home runs. It came to an end when my dad built a garage on top our beloved field. After that, we had a huge driveway and it all turned to basketball, which we could play also at night because the court was lit. Yes, our neighbors loved us.

In the works:
• Working on new looks for the Opinions Page
• Every day planning, editing and layout of The Daily News

Contact info:
(616) 548-8272
Twitter: @darrinjayclark

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