Belding drama club presents ‘Peter Pan’

The Belding drama club will present three performances of “Peter Pan” tonight through Saturday. — Courtesy photo

BELDING — Have you ever wanted to get lost? Go on an adventure to a far away place? Have you ever dreamed that you could fly far, far away from all of your troubles and worries? Have you ever wanted to fight pirates, or even see a mermaid?

Now you can as the Belding High School drama club invites the public to its rendition of J.M. Barrie’s “Peter Pan.” Join the Darling children, as they fly off to Neverland with a young, adventurous boy named Peter Pan, who promises they will never grow up.

Wendy Darling, who is played by junior Sarah Thompson, is immediately taken with the naive protagonist, Peter Pan, played by senior Hunter Rackham. She agrees to fly off to Neverland with her younger brothers John, played by senior Connor Middlebrook and Michael, played by freshman David Tuttle.

The four of them fly to Neverland and meet the Lost Boys, who convince Wendy Darling to be their mother. After a brutal run in with the cruel Captain Hook, played by senior Ryan Hill, the Darling children and the Lost Boys are captured by pirates and need help. Who will save them?

Find out at 7 p.m. tonight, Friday and Saturday. The show is under the direction of Nickole Faasen and Mark Bozung. It is an action-packed adventure the whole family will love. General admission tickets are $10 and are available at Lombrados and at the door.


Sarah Thompson, Wendy Darling; Connor Middlebrook, John Darling; David Tuttle, Michael Darling; Kenny VanTimmeran, Mr. Darling; Becca Loser, Mrs. Darling; Hunter Rackham, Peter Pan; Ryan Hill, Captain Hook; Joe Harrison, Smee; Kaylyn McQuillan, Tiger Lily; Antonio Yanez, Panther; Trevor Davenport, Tootles; Alexis Cahill, Slightly; Olivia Carlson, Twin One; Madison Willmore, Twin Two; Sean O’Connor, Curly; Sierra Myers, Nibs; Ashley Salik, Omnes; August Medema, Lost Boy; Connor Tovey, Cecco; Dayton Salik, Cookson; Maddy Link, Starkey; Tessa Walters, Skylights; Kate Ward, Noodles; Mychaleigha Potraz, Mullins; Breanna Brimmer, Jada Krompetz, Talitha Jones, Jordan Bowman, and Megan Funk, Pirates; Hazie Heintzelman, Liza; Johnny Adame, Nana; Austin Gay. Sam Andres, Hannah Gorby, and Brooke Butler, Braves; Danielle Powers, Hazie Heintzelman, Franny Jakeway, Allison Harrison, and Danielle Greenway, Mermaids; Johnny Adame, Crocodile.

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