GRACE’S VIEW: As far as scheduling, freshman have it made

Grace’s View | Grace Fowler

These past few weeks have really begun to feel like the beginning of my adult life. The pressure to know what I want to do after I graduate from college is starting to brew. And that means I have to know what my major will be. It’s amazing how much required classes vary from a medical school path to a registered nurse path to a physician’s assistant path. All of this has come to a head the last few weeks because I have had to decide what classes to register for next semester.

It was easier as an incoming freshman because someone else did it all for you and you didn’t have to figure out what classes you wanted and what times you wanted. I didn’t want to register for classes that would not allow me to keep my options open. And there are a number of sections for each class, so I was struggling with trying to create a schedule that would be ideal. I didn’t want to get up super early and I wanted to have time for lunch and I wanted to have somewhat balanced days. Trying to do this all while taking classes that would not lock me into one career path or another was challenging — to say the least.

It didn’t help that while other students have an advisor who is only advising 20 or so kids, I have an advisor who works with around 500 students. She is the pre-health advisor and, therefore, has a completely packed schedule. She knows a lot about everything that I am interested in and is probably the best person for me to get to know on campus, but it is hard to steal a moment of her time.

I was lucky and was able to register ahead of the rest of the freshmen. I think it’s because of the amount of credits I came in with after taking part in the dual enrollment program while I was at Greenville High School. Also, most of the classes I needed have many sections, so my odds of getting into them were pretty high.

I was able to register starting at 9 a.m. on Thursday. I showed up at 8:56, and was out by 8:58 and back at my dorm at 9:01. How perfect. The woman plugged all my classes in and told me they all were still available and that I was done.

I hope that sophomore year comes with less stress revolving around registering for classes. And I am hoping by then I have figured out what I want to do and know what classes I have to complete during the next several years here.

Grace Fowler is a Greenville High School graduate and a Hope College freshman. She can be reached at

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