Editorial Files Q and A (Dec. 23-29)

Mike Taylor

Name: Mike Taylor

Title: Features writer

Coverage: Features, city of Stanton, the villages of Lakeview and Sheridan and every author who has ever written a book and been within 100 miles of Greenville

Residence: Greenville

What is your New Year’s resolution(s)? I don’t make New Year’s resolutions. I am absolutely perfect just the way I am and there is no room — no room, whatsoever — for improvement. Other than that, I guess I resolve to be a little less humble. Sometimes, I’m too self-effacing. It’s my one flaw, but I’m working on it.

What was your favorite 2013 memory? I spent an eight-hour July day riding my bicycle around the city of Ludington and the trail system they have near there. I clocked off nearly 100 slow and easy miles, camped out that night under the stars, and went fishing the next day. In a word, it was perfect.

In the works:
• Working on my Reality Check column, topic to be announced
• Covering the Stanton City Commission meeting
• Putting together story on Greenville woman who’s “paying it forward”

Contact Info:
(616) 548-8273
Twitter: @mike_taylor_dn


Darrin Clark

Name: Darrin Clark

Title: Managing editor

Coverage: Managing the editorial staff and page layout of The Daily News

Residence: Grand Rapids

What is your New Year’s resolution(s)? Be a little more responsible with finances, i.e. save some cash.

What was your favorite 2013 memory? Had a lot of great memories, including some milestones with my running, some travel opportunities and attending some great events and concerts. Almost all of it included my girlfriend, who I met for the first time on Jan. 4. So, meeting Amanda on a cold Friday night at Stella’s in Grand Rapids is my favorite memory.

In the works:
• Daily planning, editing and layout of The Daily News
• Putting together Christmas Eve issue
• Editing and layout of our special report on area drug use

Contact Info:
(616) 548-8272
Twitter: @darrinjayclark


Ryan Schlehuber

Name: Ryan “Scoop” Schlehuber

Title: Features editor

Coverage: Assigns stories and design pages for Daily News and Carson City Gazette’s feature sections, and layout of the Business Beat page in The Daily News, The Daily News Extra and independent publications like the Danish Festival booklet and Sparta Today newsletter.

Residence: Greenville

What is your New Year’s resolution(s)? To attend more local meetings (just to be more tuned in to local news), continue to try new things and finally pay off a couple debts. Oh, and save the world from ultimate doom from the hands of General Zod. Now where did I put my cape and blue one-piece suit?

What was your favorite 2013 memory? Finally trying sushi, riding a train and attending a Detroit Tigers playoff game (actually got to go to two!), three things off my bucket list. The other is meeting my girlfriend, which I’m proud to say she’s still my girlfriend!

In the works:
• Layout of HOME section, which is now going to be featured as a Saturday feature section in The Daily News (publishes Dec. 28)
• Working on a list of new businesses that opened in our local area in 2013
• Heading home up north (to dah Yoop!) to enjoy Christmas with my mom, sister and nephews

Contact Info:
(616) 548-8279
Twitter: @scoopahloop


Elisabeth Waldon

Name: Elisabeth Waldon

Title: News editor

Coverage: Assigning and editing new stories, covering Montcalm County, courts and various other local governments.

Residence: Panhandle area

What is your New Year’s resolution(s)? I would like to try to get to know my neighbors more and have more people over to my house in general. It’s easy to get caught up in a little bubble with just my family. I want to expand my horizons. It’s healthy and it’s challenging.

What was your favorite 2013 memory? Giving birth to my second daughter and watching my two little girls grow up together.

In the works:
• Finishing up a series about local drug use
• Compiling our top local news stories of the year for our Year in Review
• Trying to file this year’s stories before the new year comes around

Contact Info:
(616) 548-8276
Twitter: @elisabethwaldon


Stacie Rose

Name: Stacie Rose

Title: Community editor, features writer

Residence: Greenville

What is your New Year’s resolution(s)? To be healthier both in my eating and work out routines, learn guitar and save money for a couple trips that have been delayed through the years.

What was your favorite 2013 memory? That my mom beat incredible odds and survived bacterial meningitis.

In the works:
• Pre-planning a funeral for Money Matters that is publishing Jan. 4
• Money management tips for Money Matters
• Really enjoying the holidays knowing my mom is with us and that new friends are part of the celebrations as well.

Contact Info:
(616) 548-8269
Twitter: @mumzystacie


Cory Smith

Name: Cory Smith

Title: Staff writer

Coverage: Belding and Carson City-Crystal areas, including Otisco and Orleans townships; multimedia

Residence: Belding

What is your New Year’s resolution(s)? To get back into shape and shed some serious pounds. Weight loss is a common resolution, but I’ve been serious about and successfully completed (some) resolutions in the past (no fast food for a year) so I’m hoping a new diet and exercise plan will be something I can stick to.

What was your favorite 2013 memory? My girlfriend and I have been together nearly nine months now, and the second time we met, before we had started dating, we both gazed up at the sky and saw a shooting star together. We were the only two amongst a group of friends who saw the streak in the sky, and at that moment, I felt truly happy looking back into her eyes. That is something I will definitely never forget.

In the works:
• A pleasant “pay it forward” story about two Montcalm Community College students
• A story with local connections to the upcoming Rose Bowl game on New Year’s Day and some of its history.

Contact Info:
(616) 548-8277
Twitter: @CorySmith_DN


Curtis Wildfong

Name: Curtis Wildfong

Title: Staff writer

Coverage: Greenville area, including Eureka and Montcalm townships

Residence: Sparta

What is your New Year’s resolution(s)? My resolution this year is to continue my 28-year streak of not having a New Year’s resolution. I never understood why people claim to make this life-altering change for the better to just three weeks later forget it even existed. I’ll just continue with life as usual in 2014.

What was your favorite 2013 memory? Well, 2013 had little chance of making a mark in the life of Curtis. It had big shoes to fill after I married the love of my life, Sasha, in 2011, and had my beautiful daughter Ellie in 2012. I guess moving back closer to home was a pretty good deal, so I’ll say that.

In the works:
• Last minute shopping (not work related but it will definitely take up a good chunk of my time)
• I’ll be on the hunt for great story ideas

Contact Info:
(616) 548-8289
Twitter: @curtiswildfong

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