WEDDINGS: ‘Trash’ the dress

Andrea Wagner of Sheridan chose to “trash” her dress with a photo shoot at a beach in Grand Haven. (Photographs by Laura Gravelle Photography)


The wedding is over, the thank you notes have been sent and you’re settling into life as a newlywed. The only question left is what to do with the dress?

Some brides, after a wedding, will have the dress preserved and then it lives in the back of the closet until it maybe comes back out for someone else to use.

One trendy idea that many brides have done is a “Trash the Wedding Dress” photo shoot.

Brides trash the dress soon after their wedding to symbolize their commitment to their vows as the dress can never be worn again, according to Britain’s Daily Mail. The idea is also to have stunning and unusual photos to contrast with the formal ones taken on their wedding day.

Andrea Wagner of Sheridan, who was married in 2009, wanted to do a trash the dress shoot in order to not really ruin her dress but to be able to have more unique photos. So she planned one a few months after her and her husband’s first wedding anniversary.

“You’re so rushed on wedding day and I wanted to have more photos with my husband,” Wagner said. “This way, I felt like we were able to get more photos and more keepsakes.”

Wagner also pointed out that, during the wedding day, brides have to be careful to not get anything on the dress. During the photo shoot, Wagner and her husband were able to be much more carefree with the wedding attire, making it more fun, as well.

The couple decided to do a photo shoot in Grand Haven on the beach and also at the groom’s family farm where he grew up.

“It was cool taking photos in the dress with cows and pigs in the background.”

Wagner has kept her wedding dress and said she wouldn’t mind planning another fun “trash the dress” photo shoot in the future.

“You’re so rushed on wedding day and I wanted to have more photos with my husband,” said Andrea Wagner. “This way, I felt like we were able to get more photos and more keepsakes.”

Other “trash the dress” ideas:

• Beach or lake. How fun would it be to just go all out and in the sand and water for photos, especially with what Michigan provides in beaches, lakes and rivers? If you decide to canoe or kayak in your wonderful wedding attire, be sure to also wear flotation devices.

• Fountains. Some brides have did photo shoots at decorative water fountains, using a “making a wish” scenario as their theme.

• Theme parties. Have a “black tie affair” with your anniversary (or any particular weekend), inviting your close friends and family members on a nightly adventure of dinner, drinks and dancing. One ideal place is Mackinac Island, which is a wonderful place to not only get married, but to celebrate an anniversary or birthday. The best part about the Island is that there are no vehicles to worry about and there is a photo op pretty much anywhere you stand.

• Halloween or fun run. When is wearing a wedding dress during Halloween NOT a good idea? If there’s ever a costume to keep on hand, it’s a wedding dress. For those of you that like running, there’s also fun color runs, which a runner in a hiked-up wedding dress would be a fantastic photo-op.

• Amusement parks. An Amusement park or carnival games and rides can offer a lot options for cool and unique photos. Before heading to the park though, be sure to inquire about safety precautions. Material getting stuck in machine parts could be dangerous.

• Repurpose. If a photo shoot or a getaway weekend doesn’t fit the budget, think of ways the wedding dress can be reused. There are a million ways to reuse a wedding dress, such as making it into a blanket, a table cloth or lamp shade cover. You could even have it tailored to be made into a dress for your future child or make hair ribbons or ribbons to tie around wrapped gifts. Only your imagination is the limit to how you could repurpose your wedding dress.

This article was written by Cassie Daszko, an intern at The Daily News and a journalism student at Cornerstone University.

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