S.H.E.: Making a back-to-school list

Back-to-school commercials start earlier every summer.

Marketing firms create 30 second blips of what and where to buy the latest and greatest clothes, shoes and gadgets for kids heading back to the hallowed halls of educational institutions.

Aside from new clothes for weed-like growing children, parents often purchase necessities for they students and also receive wish lists from schools to help stock classrooms due to shrinking budgets. Amber Jonas of Belding has a student entering third grade this fall and she has already made the rounds for pencils, erasers and paper.

The thrifty mom managed to gather many of her son’s school supplies and at a discount as well. While on a shopping trip to Meijer, Jonas noted a sale the store was holding for supplies and MPerks bonus as well. She was able to shop early because her son’s second grade teacher sent him a list at the end of the school year.

“I haven’t bought everything yet because I am still waiting for the second list, but I have only paid about $15 total because everything was on sale,” Jonas said.

In years past, parents of Belding Area Schoos referred to a general list published by the school newsletter, “The Belding Banner.” Now teachers send home more specified lists to ensure students have all the supplies needed to complete assignments and tend to sniffles that run rampant in elementary classrooms.

Parents who missed out on the sale at Meijer can still find ways to fill backpacks on a budget.

“I would check out the Dollar Store and reuse things from the previous year,” Jonas said. “Kids don’t need new scissors every year, buy cheap pencils and Crayons because they will break.”

For families who may have a hard time providing school supplies for their students, there are organizations who will hold drives to collect backpacks and other items needed in the classroom.

Susan Koster is the principal of Central Montcalm Upper Elementary School. Koster and her staff try to keep an eye open for students who would benefit from community generosity.

Every year we are blessed with people who drop things off for us,” Koster said. “A lot of churches hold activities to collect items ant hey will pass out full backpacks filled with supplies.

We actually see who really needs them and pass them out ourselves.”

The Greenville Ministerial Association will be disbursing school supplies from 9 to 10:30 a.m. Aug. 23 at Mount Calvary Church and Huntington Bank is collecting school supplies at their downtown Greenville location through Sept. 6 and will deliver collected items to local schools.

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