MONEY MATTERS: Plan a funeral as unique as the life itself

Planning a funeral is an already complex and sometimes difficult task made more difficult by the fact it is often done following the death of a loved one. At no other time in life...

MONEY MATTERS: Thinking of assisted-living? Now’s the time

Since officially opening its doors in July, Lakeview Terrace Assisted Living has grown steadily and is now filled to about half capacity. According to facility administrator Carmel Slebodnik, residents have been moving in at...

The entire process of settling a decedent’s estate cannot be explained easily and should include consultation with a professional, according to Belding attorney Karen McFadden. (Metro Creative)

MONEY MATTERS: Handling a deceased loved one’s debt

Coping with the loss of a loved one is emotionally taxing, but taking care of financial issues can be overwhelming. They need not be, however.

James Mullendore

MONEY MATTERS: Preparing for the end of life

Discussing end of life is not always the most comfortable conversation to have with loved ones, but it is imperative if a family member’s wishes are to be fulfilled as requested.

Paquin, Stefanie

S.H.E.: Making lifestyle changes requires more than stating a resolution

The beginning of the year is traditionally the time when people decide to make big changes like quitting smoking, exercising more and eating healthier. This is the time when people are fully committed to...

Marisa Bramer of Middleton doesn’t allow a few snowflakes to prevent her from heading outside and logging miles. (Courtesy photos)

S.H.E.: Outdoor exercise? Bring it on

Getting started down a more fit and healthy path is challenging on its own accord, but add the coldness and darkness of winter and it can be difficult to just get started. For at...


S.H.E.: Keep up the will power

Mustering the will power to get through many aspects of life can be a challenge when trying to balance home, family and career.


S.H.E.: Setting short- and long-term goals

Losing weight, getting fit, returning to school, making a career change or getting organized all require setting both short-term and long-term goals.

Steel Toes to Stillettos

Steel Toes to Stilettos: Do away with those hollow New Year’s resolutions

When I think about goals, my mind automatically goes to the workplace.

Greenville’s Toni Burgess-Dowdell before and after photos. She said setting up and reaching small goals was key to starting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

S.H.E.: Greenville resident’s big lifestyle change happened by making small goals

Three years ago, Toni Burgess-Dowdell resolved to change her body and her lifestyle. By setting small, attainable goals throughout her journey, she has successfully achieved a more fit body and, just as importantly, a...

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