Pam Greenhoe began making soy oil candles in the basement of her Crystal home and now offers several unique gifts at The Candle Cottage on Main St. in Crystal. (Daily News | Stacie Smith)

HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS: Shop locally, practically and uniquely

Less than two weeks remain for Christmas shopping and purchasing a gift for the person who has everything can add stress to a growing list and shrinking ideas. Shopping locally can help alleviate the...

Krinstine Willette of Greenville, pictured with two of her five children, Emily, at left, and Olivia, has been able to keep her household and herself happy, balancing work, family and tending to the special needs of Olivia, who has severe cerebral palsy. (Courtesy photos)

S.H.E.: With five children, one with special needs, Greenville mom finds a way to balance life, work, family

Heroes come in all shapes, sizes, both real and imagined. Comic books are the thing of heroes, but true-to-life heroes aren’t ones who wear capes, but rather who humbly wear a uniform or everyday...


S.H.E.: Keeping your diet in check during the holidays isn’t easy

With the late-year holidays quickly approaching, I’ve started thinking more and more about food. Who doesn’t, right? For some reason, we in the United States (and probably other countries, too) have made food a big...

Gift giving ideas for grandparents

Gift giving can be difficult and sometimes frustrating, especially for grandparents who enjoy seeing the smiles that just the right gift can elicit. Claire Benedict and Tracy Hull, both of Belding, have some ideas...

S.H.E.: Sitters are the new smokers

From Runner’s World to the L.A. Times to NBC News, there is a new mantra in the health world — sitting is the new smoking.

Leslie Cornwell is a certified nurse midwife offering women’s healthcare at her center, Midwifery Matters, which opened in July in Greenville. In addition to offering natural childbirth for low-risk pregnancies, she also provides exams, prescribes medications, offers breastfeeding consultations and child birth classes. Midwifery Matters is located at 118 E. Benton St. (Daily News/Stacie Smith)

S.H.E.: Alternate option for expecting moms

Part of the preparation of welcoming a baby into a family is developing a birth plan. It involves deciding who will provide care, what kind of delivery is preferred and where delivery will take...

From the Archives | Sandy Main

FROM THE ARCHIVES: Fire destroys Belding business district

The worst fire in Belding’s history struck the city 120 years ago. The fire broke out in the early morning hours of May 23, 1893, starting in the rear of a grocery story at...


Steel Toes to Stilettoes: Black Friday is only one good time to shop

In my mind, it’s a little early to be thinking about holiday shopping, but I have heard that some stores already have Christmas products on display (hello, it’s only mid-October!).

On My Mind | Maureen Burns

ON MY MIND: Just a few things on my mind

Every once in a while, I have an accumulation of things I want to share with you. I am going to do that today. They are in no order. They may not seem to...

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