S.H.E.: Important points for job searching

Whether entering the workforce for the first time or reentering after a layoff or a desire to go into another field, there are certain steps that can be taken to help ensure a more...

Steel Toes to Stillettos

S.H.E.: How important is dressing ‘up?’

It’s undeniable that clothing plays a huge role in our daily lives.


HOME: Odorous skunk spray is tough to get out, but doable

Spring is in the air, but not only does that mean the scent of dew-covered grass and flower blossoms, but the pungent odor of skunks, as well.

It isn’t only appearance that determines what plants will be successful in a yard, but a combination of the amount of sunlight a location receives and whether plants will be placed on the east or west side of a home.  (Courtesy photo)

HOME: Create a front yard first impression

The front yard of your home is like a billboard. It advertises who you are and what kind of house it may be. Thus, it is important, be it just for aesthetic reasons or...

Hair trends 1

S.H.E.: Hair and makeup trends for 2015

When the seasons change, women often like to change their look. From adding a couple pieces to the wardrobe to completely altering tresses, there is no time like the present.

Naturescaping is an approach to landscaping that concentrates on your natural property land characteristics by utilizing native plants in your garden in arrangements similar to the way they are found naturally occurring in nature.

HOME: Naturescaping: A fun and safe way to make a garden

Looking for a different approach to improve the landscape gardens on your property? How about a way to create a beautiful landscape that is low maintenance, conserves water and energy and in addition helps...

Annie Tomshack, the instructor of the Montcalm Area Career Center Cosmetology School in Sidney, oversees students through a two-year program, which includes a full-service salon open to the public. Pictured with Tomshack are, in back from left, are second-year students Kyle Mitchell, Brittany Larsen, Katelyn Flowers and Ashley Wilkinson. In front is Marge Jeffers.

S.H.E.: Changing your look from inside out

An April 2014 study by Margaret Neale, Adams Distinguished Professor of Management at Stanford University, confirmed that when a person feels attractive, they also feel more confident and successful. Thus, heralding in 2015 can...

Columnist Stefanie Paquin has fun trying out different colors with her hair, going with a deep purple and blue last October.

S.H.E.: Hair…A love-hate relationship

I’ve had a love-hate relationship with my hair throughout the majority of my life.


MONEY MATTERS: Plan a funeral as unique as the life itself

Planning a funeral is an already complex and sometimes difficult task made more difficult by the fact it is often done following the death of a loved one. At no other time in life...

MONEY MATTERS: Thinking of assisted-living? Now’s the time

Since officially opening its doors in July, Lakeview Terrace Assisted Living has grown steadily and is now filled to about half capacity. According to facility administrator Carmel Slebodnik, residents have been moving in at...

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