S.H.E.: Sitters are the new smokers

From Runner’s World to the L.A. Times to NBC News, there is a new mantra in the health world — sitting is the new smoking.

Leslie Cornwell is a certified nurse midwife offering women’s healthcare at her center, Midwifery Matters, which opened in July in Greenville. In addition to offering natural childbirth for low-risk pregnancies, she also provides exams, prescribes medications, offers breastfeeding consultations and child birth classes. Midwifery Matters is located at 118 E. Benton St. (Daily News/Stacie Smith)

S.H.E.: Alternate option for expecting moms

Part of the preparation of welcoming a baby into a family is developing a birth plan. It involves deciding who will provide care, what kind of delivery is preferred and where delivery will take...

From the Archives | Sandy Main

FROM THE ARCHIVES: Fire destroys Belding business district

The worst fire in Belding’s history struck the city 120 years ago. The fire broke out in the early morning hours of May 23, 1893, starting in the rear of a grocery story at...


Steel Toes to Stilettoes: Black Friday is only one good time to shop

In my mind, it’s a little early to be thinking about holiday shopping, but I have heard that some stores already have Christmas products on display (hello, it’s only mid-October!).

On My Mind | Maureen Burns

ON MY MIND: Just a few things on my mind

Every once in a while, I have an accumulation of things I want to share with you. I am going to do that today. They are in no order. They may not seem to...

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Editorial Files QandA (Oct. 13-19)

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Editorial Files Q and A (Sept. 30-Oct. 5)

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Steel Toes to Stilettos: Self-expression — a broad topic that is as individual as a fingerprint, too

  Expressing one’s self can be something as simple as saying, “I like to ride bicycles” to something as complicated as composing a symphony. It encompasses all forms of personal communication. Books can be...

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Editorial Files Q and A (Sept. 15-21)

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