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BOOK REVIEW (adult): Rough Men

“Rough Men” is the third novel for Grand Rapids author Aric Davis, and it is just as the title suggests — rough.

Aric Davis

The opening of “Rough Men” takes place during the robbery of a credit union leading to the violent and untimely death of Alex, son of the central character, Will Daniels. Will and Alison Daniel’s son was always troubled but that didn’t lessen the hurt or anger they feel over the loss of their son. That hurt and anger sends Will Daniels back into his own dark past to try and get answers.

Will Daniels is a recovered alcoholic working as a novelist when he learns of his only son’s death after a credit union robbery.

Will reconnects with an old cohort in crime to find the person responsible for his son’s murder and in the process finds himself deeper and deeper in the center of danger, corruption and crime.

Davis again tells a gritty and descriptive story of a father entrenched in a crime world, driven by fury. “Rough Men” is not for the faint of heart.

Davis delivers a powerful punch with his third novel and it keeps momentum throughout. Like the title, the language and storyline is rough and not intended for all audiences. I would recommend this book to those readers who like crime novels and a quick read.

Reviewed by Stacie Smith on 29 December 2012

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