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Book review: Peak (young adult)

Peak is the name of the main character in a book by the same name, “Peak,” which was written by Roland Smith.

Peak Marcello was born into a climbing family, or at least his father was a climber. When Peak was young, his parents got a divorce and he moved to New York City with his mom. The bummer for Peak is that there aren’t exactly mountains to climb in New York. So instead, he started to climb buildings.

One day, he got caught scaling a building and he knew he was in a lot of trouble. Peak’s mom, stepfather and twin sisters all were worried because they didn’t know what would happen to him. That’s when Peak’s biological father, Josh, who he hadn’t seen in a very long time, comes to town and tells the court that he will take Peak out of the country so that they won’t have to worry about his son.

Once all the legal stuff gets settled, Josh takes him on one of his big climbs. Josh is kind of like a Sherpa, which is a person who guides climbers up mountains. From this point on, the story focuses on Peak versus the mountain. Will he make it to the top?

The book “Peak” is for young adults and was an attention grabber filled with suspense. I found it easy to read but hard to understand at times.

Review by Emma Fowler, who is a seventh grade student at Greenville Middle School. While she’s done a lot of hiking and little mountain climbing, she prefers sports played on flat surfaces such as volleyball, basketball and tennis.

Reviewed by Ryan Schlehuber "Scoop" on 04 December 2012

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