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Book review: Safe Haven

As with the majority of Nicholas Sparks’ best-selling novels, “Safe Haven” is a love story, although not your typical boy meets girl journey. There is a darker side to one romance in particular, the marriage of Erin and Kevin.

Erin, who soon begins referring herself to Katie, is running from a dangerous relationship, one in which she feels her life is in danger. Her thoroughly planned escape eventually lands her into a small town named Southport. Her journey to North Carolina was challenging for a woman with little to no money, low self-esteem and bursting of fear.

Alex Wheatley is a former FBI agent, and widower with two young children. He is now a general store owner in Southport. His number one priority in life is being a good father to his children Kristen and Josh. He has not had time in his life for romance, nor did he seek it…until his first encounter with Katie. He was drawn to her, as were his children.

Katie finds it very difficult to trust men, yet she immediately felt comfortable and at ease speaking to Josh the more opportunities she had to talk with him.

While love starts to bloom between Katie and Alex, there is still one major element of this story…suspense. While Katie is trying to rebuild her life, her husband is out searching for her and is determined to find her. Erin was very good at covering up any clues, but she made one colossal mistake. Eventually

Kevin does find her, and what happens next is life changing to everyone Katie has been close to since she arrived.

Be sure to read this book before the movie version is released next month.

Review by Amber Rood, of Greenville, is a Customer Solutions Team Leader for The Daily News. She enjoys reading a variety of genre’s, including rom-com to suspense, and prefers to relax reading a good book vs. watching reality T.V. She is not a fan of Sci-Fi, so you can bet there will not be a review from her on anything to do with aliens or green monsters.

Reviewed by Amber Rood on 25 January 2013

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