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DVD Review: A King’s Speech

I like historical dramas, but honestly I am usually more interested in the costumes and fashions then the story lines. However, I also like the romanticized versions of history that Hollywood adapts for the screen. It’s always like a slightly more poetic version of the bumps, twists, and turns that real life has thrown to the world.

The King’s Speech is set in England just before WWII, and being an American I know next to nothing about British History at that time, and I immediately wished that I knew more (and I plan to do more research about it soon). I feel like I need to educate myself about King George VI and his delinquent brother Edward.

The story is focused mainly on King George or Bertie, over coming his stammer to be able to address his country on the wireless (radio) with a very unconventional therapist.

I love the nostalgia of this film, the costumes and sets were well done. Nothing over the top, and with the clothing; you don’t think costumes, you think wardrobe — though if you are like me, you will notice the very beautiful furs that the Duchess of York wears throughout the film. The sets are lovely as well, and though I couldn’t tell you how accurate they are, but I can say they seem effortless. You are easily transported to the place and time. I was a little distracted by the camera work that felt it was a little forced at times, but I know why the shots were set up they way they were; as an artist I could see the deliberate use of frame breaking and ‘the golden mean.’

The casting of the film is fantastic, if you are going to do a historical drama, you have to have Geoffrey Rush. He does a amazing job as always and Colin Firth nails the frustration and behaviors of someone struggling with a stammer.

This movie is educational, and more fun then you would suspect. I recommend it to history buffs, WWII nostalgia fans and movie lovers.


Reviewed by Sara Sowles, of Grand Rapids, a marketing consultant for The Daily News and Carson City Gazette, a wife and a mother of two children.

Reviewed by Ryan Schlehuber "Scoop" on 29 December 2012

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