Deadheads, DVD review
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DVD review: Deadheads

Imagine waking up in a strange place, you feel weird, everything around you seems in unorganized order, if not chaos (no, I’m not talking about Mondays).
You walk around trying to find help but all you get is either people shooting at you or you run into people who seem to be drunk and slow moving and don’t quite care to talk with you. And then there’s that sudden urge for a burger, which oddly seems more tasty if served straight from the cow. That, my friend, would mean you’re a zombie and you’re in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.
Brothers Brett and Drew Pierce, whose father was the special effects photographer in the classic comedy horror film “Evil Dead,” worked up a funny, slapstick B-movie about two guys, Mike and Brent, waking up as zombies, befriending each other and setting onto a journey to find Mike’s one true love, Ellie.
In a certain twist, Mike was going to propose to before Ellie’s father offed him for fear of having a dead-beat son-in-law, and that was before Mike became a zombie! On a side note, Ellie, in the movie, resides in New Fenwick, Michigan. Must be just north of Fenwick?
If you are hoping this is a hidden “Zombieland” gem that you missed in theaters — which I don’t recall “Deadheads” even being in theaters — don’t hold your breath. It’s funny, and I love the pet zombie Cheese character, it has good special effects and zombie gore, but beyond Mike and Brett (and Cheese), the acting is a tad bit subpar.
So what made this movie watchable to the end? I was flipping through channels, couldn’t find anything, so I decided to poke around Netflix to see if I could find anything that could burn a couple hours of my time before going to bed. I was in the mood for comedy and, of course, any zombie-laden comedy film will always peak my interest. The action is pretty good, plenty of blood and guts and I was actually impressed with the film’s music.

If you can lower your standards a bit, and overlook some of the lame acting, I think you’ll find “Deadheads” to be a pretty entertaining movie. As a B-movie, this wasn’t bad. In fact, it’s too bad it couldn’t have been made into a television series. Come on, tell me you wouldn’t love to see “How I Met Your Undead Mother.”


Reviewed by Ryan Schlehuber "Scoop" on 01 October 2012

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