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Movie review: Warm Bodies

I haven’t had much experience with zombie movies but for my first one, “Warm Bodies” wasn’t half bad. I prepared myself for kind of a cheesy movie with maybe a little bit of romance and that’s exactly what I got.

In “Warm Bodies,” directed by Jonathan Levine, the apocalypse turns the world into humans vs. zombies, and the zombies have no thoughts or feelings.

They occasionally venture out of hiding to find some humans to snack on. For this reason, the humans have organized a kind of militaristic state with a huge metal wall surrounding a city.

After eating her boyfriend’s brains and seeing all his memories, a cute zombie boy, named “R,” falls in love with a beautiful human girl, Julie. He wants to protect her and as he falls deeper and deeper for her and realizes he’s becoming “alive” once again.

The re-introduction of love into the zombie society causes their hearts to start beating again and they start to have thoughts and feelings. Julie and the R are obviously not supposed to be together but, in the end, it all wraps up happily ever after and the world starts to change back to a more “normal” place.

I would recommend this movie if you can appreciate the silliness of a zombie flick.

Grace Fowler, a senior at Greenville High School and The Daily News’ Teen Beat columnist, enjoys almost any kind of movie but loves flick with a little romance. She loves scary movies but needs to watch them with someone so she doesn’t freak herself out.

Reviewed by Grace Fowler on 26 February 2013

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